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Jokul Token

Jokul Token enables the customer to make a purchase without having to input card details or personal information, apart from the CVV number for credit card token. This feature is useful for merchants that have repeat customers who will benefit from a faster checkout by reducing the number of fields the customer needs to fill in.

In order for this process to work, the customer enters all of the card information only during the very first time they make a purchase. Jokul stores this data in a secure form and gives the merchant a token, which is paired to the customer’s login credentials on the merchant website.

After this process has been completed, each time they make a payment from hereon out, they only have to choose the token and input the CVV number for credit card.

Jokul Token works with these payment channels:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit

Learn more about how to utilize Jokul Token to make faster checkout experience on your site