Virtual Account Overview

Jokul provides various payment channels. One of the most used by our merchants is Virtual Account. By using this payment channels, your customer can pay their order through bank transfer and Jokul will notify you once the payment is completed by your customer. Jokul has partnered with various banks to help you provide many payment options for your customers.

Integration steps

Here is the overview of how to integrate with Virtual Account:

  1. Generate payment code (virtual account number)
  2. Display payment code (virtual account number)
  3. Acknowledge payment result
Jokul Direct - Virtual Account Sequence DiagramJokul Direct VA Aggregator Merchant Flow

1. Generate payment code (virtual account number)

To generate payment code, you will need to hit this API through your Backend:

API Request

API endpoint (Sandbox){{channel-name}}/{{version}}/payment-code
API endpoint (Production){{channel-name}}/{{version}}/payment-code

You need to change the {{channel-name}} and {{version}} accordingly based on what payment channel you wish. Here is the list:

Name{{channel-name}}Current Version
Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)bsm-virtual-accountv2

Every object naming in our Virtual Account APIs are standarized and have their own customization to ensure easy integration. Therefore, you can learn more about how to integrate to each of them by clicking the link above.

2. Display payment code (virtual account number)

You can display the payment code to your customer by using virtual_account_info.virtual_account_number that you retrieved from the API response.

3. Acknowledge payment result

After the payment is being made by your customer, Jokul will send HTTP Notification to your defined Notification URL. Learn how to handle the notification from Jokul:

What's next?

You can learn more about how to integrate to each payment channels you wish by clicking the menu on the sidebar.