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Customer - Create an Order (Shipping)

First, open the product link that was already generated by the merchant to the customer and will appear like the page below.

Order Form

If merchants insert more than 1 variant, the dropdown menu will show the list of varian data.

Then click the checkbox button on “saya telah setuju dengan semua syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku di Jokul '' then insert the quantity that the merchant will order. Then click the beli sekarang button and it will appear on another page and let customer merchants fill the data.

Customer Detail Form 1

Customer Detail Form 2

Shipment Information

Detail Order

Then click “bayar sekarang” and the dialog box like in the picture below. Please remember the payment link.

Confirm bayar Sekarang Pop Ups

If a customer click the OK button, will bring to Jokul Checkout Page and process the transaction based on Jokul Checkout page instruction.

Checkout Page

After payment is successful, click back to merchant button

Success payment

And customers will directly open a tracking-page to monitor their product progress.

Customer Tracking Page

From Merchant side will process based on the detail of product on Retail > Transaction

Copy Url Merchant Tracking Page

And will open the product page like in the picture below.

Merchant Tracking Page

Then just click the button process and follow the process until the transaction is already in the customer's hand.