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Merchant - Create Product Link

After Merchant already fills in the Informasi Toko data, the next is Merchant could start to create their first product link.

To create his product link, first click Retail > Inventory and it will be shown like the picture below.

Product Link List

To add a new product link, click “Tambah Produk” then it will appear like the page below.

Product Information Form 1

Product Information Form 2

All of the data on Informasi product is mandatory, for the varian is optional. If a merchant needs to create product without send the product to customer through 3PL, could choose on Kategori Product is Digital Goods like picture below.

Product Information Digital Goods

For the varian still an optional on Merchant.

After Merchant has already ensured the data, click simpan product and it will appear like the dialog box below, and choose “ubah”.

Confirm Ubah Pop Ups

Automatically the data will appear on the top (Asc type) of inventory list, with status is waiting.

New Product Link

To convert the status from waiting become active, please waiting approval queue from EDU team. To approve the product [EDU Role] is open the account that acknowledge as EDU Care.

The way to approve the product:

Product Approval

Open Retail > KYB Product, and click waiting status, then will the detailed product like picture above.

Product Variant Detail

From these points, EDU could assess the data then choose whether to use “setujui” or “tolak” for the product link. If EDU will approve the product click setujui and will appear the dialog box like picture below

Confirm Setujui Pop Ups

Then click setujui, automatically the product link is active like in the picture below.

Product Link Active

If the product link is di tolak, click tolak then will appear like the dialog box below. Choose the reason based on EDU Team assessment.

Confirm Tolak Pop Ups