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Postman Collection


Postman is a easy to use application that you can use to test REST APIs with a user-friendly interface so that you can see the API requests and the responses. DOKU provides a Postman Collection that you can import so that you can test our APIs easily.


  1. Install Postman
  2. Register to our Sandbox DOKU Back Office
  3. Retrieve the Client ID & Secret Key. Learn more here

Import Postman Collection

To get started, please import the Postman Collection:

  1. Copy the following link:
  2. Open your Postman and find Import button on the top left section
Import Postman Collection Step 1
  1. Click the Link tab, paste the link, and click Continue button
Import Postman Collection Step 2
  1. You will be asked to confirm, click the Import button

Now you should see DOKU API Collection on the left sidebar. Congratulations, you've just imported our Postman Collection.

Setup credential

After importing the Postman Collection, you need to setup the Client ID and Secret Key to the Postman, so that you can access our APIs. Here is how to setup the credential:

Setup Credential Step 1
  1. Click three dots on the DOKU API Collection folder and click Edit
  2. Click the Variables tab
Setup Credential Step 2
  1. Change the client_id and secret_key value with yours
  2. Click Update button

Now you are good to go to start testing our APIs.