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How to Use WhatsApp Link


WhatsApp Link can be accessed when KYB of Merchant is already approved by our team. If the merchant is not getting approval from Risk team, will appear on this page like in the picture below.

Service Activation Empty State

The WhatsApp account of DOKU (+62 811-9721-6322) is already verified by WhatsApp with a green checklist icon.

Verified WhatsApp Account of DOKU

To activate this service, the Merchant should submit their active WhastApp numbers in the Jokul.

Registration of the WhatsApp Number of Merchant#

The flow of the registration process of WhatsApp number of Merchant:

  1. Login to Jokul Back Office then choose the Tools > WhatsApp Link menu.
WhatsApp Link Menu

  1. Fill the Merchant’s active WhatsApp number on the Phone Number section based on the hint and click Agree to terms and condition, additional charge may applied like the following picture.
WhatsApp Link Menu that already fulfilled

  1. Click the Link button, and there will appear a pop-up message in the picture below. Click Add button to confirm.
Pop-Up Message about adding WhatsApp Number

  1. After Merchant clicks the “Add” button, WhatsApp number will be displayed List Phone No.
List Phone No Menu

Generate Payment Link via WhatsApp#

After the merchant has registered their phone numbers, they can generate the payment link via WhatsApp by sending a message "Hello Jokul" (Without Quotations) to +62 811-9721-6322. The Jokul system will reply the message and the Merchant can follow the instructions described in the following picture.

Generate Payment Link Flow in the WhatsApp

Check Payment Status#

As a merchant also can check the payment status through WhatsApp. Our system will display the last 5 transactions that the payment link is generated by WhatsApp. Please follow the following picture:

Check payment status in the WhatsApp