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Hold and Release Settlement

Hold & Release Settlement is a feature that enables you to hold the settlement for a payment. This is a good solution for a merchant that needs to hold and release the settlement when needed. It is suitable for merchants who have a marketplace or ecommerce business.

Case Study#

"Pasar Kelontong" is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers meet. They need to hold the settlement to their sellers and will only settle it after the buyers confirmed they have received the goods.

Therefore, they implement Hold and Release Settlement feature which makes the settlement hold until they trigger the release settlement API.


Hold Settlement#

To do hold settlement, please add this additional_info.hold_settlement object into your payment request:

{...    "additional_info": {        "hold_settlement": true    }...}

You can validate whether the settlement is hold by checking to Jokul Back Office and go to Finance > Transaction. You should see the transaction will have Settlement Schedule with HOLD.

Hold settlement example

Sample usage#

Let's assume you are using the Jokul Checkout integration. You can simply add these parameters into your API Initiate Payment:

{    "order": {        "invoice_number": "INV-20210231-0001",        "amount": 90000,        "line_items": [            {                "name": "T-Shirt Red",                "price": 30000,                "quantity": 2            },            {                "name": "Polo Navy",                "price": 30000,                "quantity": 1            }        ],        "currency": "IDR",        "callback_url": ""    },    "payment": {        "payment_due_date": 60,        "payment_method_types": [            "VIRTUAL_ACCOUNT_BCA",            "VIRTUAL_ACCOUNT_BANK_MANDIRI",            "VIRTUAL_ACCOUNT_BANK_SYARIAH_MANDIRI",            "VIRTUAL_ACCOUNT_DOKU",            "ONLINE_TO_OFFLINE_ALFA",            "CREDIT_CARD",            "DIRECT_DEBIT_BRI"        ]    },    "customer": {        "id": "CUST-0001",        "name": "Anton Budiman",        "email": "",        "phone": "6285694566147",        "address": "Menara Mulia Lantai 8",        "country": "ID"    },    "additional_info": {        "hold_settlement": true    }}

Release Settlement#

To release the settlement, you will need to hit this API through your backend:

API Request#

API endpoint (Sandbox)
API endpoint (Production)

Here is the sample of request header to release transaction into settlement:

Client-Id: MCH-0001-10791114622547Request-Id: fdb69f47-96da-499d-acec-7cdc318ab2feRequest-Timestamp: 2021-05-08T08:45:42ZSignature: HMACSHA256=1jap2tpgvWt83tG4J7IhEwUrwmMt71OaIk0oL0e6sPM=
Request Header Explanation
Client-IdClient ID retrieved from Jokul Back Office
Request-IdUnique random string (max 128 characters) generated from merchant side to protect duplicate request
Request-TimestampTimestamp request on UTC time in ISO8601 UTC+0 format. It means to proceed transaction on UTC+7 (WIB), merchant need to subtract time with 7. Ex: to proceed transaction on September 22th 2020 at 08:51:00 WIB, the timestamp should be 2020-09-22T01:51:00Z
SignatureSecurity parameter that needs to be generated on merchant Backend and placed to the header request to ensure that the request is coming from valid merchant. Please refer to this section to generate the signature

Here is the sample of request body:

{    "order": {        "invoice_number": "INV-20210231-0001",        "amount": 90000,        "currency": "IDR"    },    "transaction": {        "original_request_id": "fdb69f47-96da-499d-acec-7cdc318ab2fe"    }}
Request Body Explanation
order.invoice_numberstringMandatorySame as the request that merchant sent on the payment initiation
order.amountnumberMandatorySame as the request that merchant sent on the payment initiation
order.currencystringMandatorySame as the currency of original payment
Default value: IDR
transaction.original_request_idstringMandatoryThe request ID that sent when initiate the payment

API Response#

After hitting the above API request, Jokul will give the response.

HTTP Status200
Client-Id: MCH-0001-10791114622547Request-Id: fdb69f47-96da-499d-acec-7cdc318ab2feResponse-Timestamp: 2021-05-08T08:45:42ZSignature: HMACSHA256=9UPUFzOqJc47aJzD9ESOTcWg6TMsg3mqSP+DnUO8ENE=
Response Header Explanation
Client-IdSame as the request
Request-IdSame as the request
Response-TimestampTimestamp Response on UTC with format ISO8601 UTC+0 from Jokul
SignatureSignature generated by Jokul based on the response body

Here is the sample response body:

{    "order": {        "invoice_number": "INV-20210231-0001",        "amount": 90000,        "currency": "IDR"    },    "transaction": {        "original_request_id": "fdb69f47-96da-499d-acec-7cdc318ab2fe",        "settlement_date": "2021-05-09",        "settlement_amount": 85500,    }}
Response Body Explanation
order.invoice_numberstringMandatorySame as the request
order.amountnumberMandatorySame as the request
order.currencystringMandatorySame as the request
transaction.original_request_idstringMandatorySame as the request
transaction.settlement_datestringMandatorySettlement date of this transaction (H+1)
Format: yyyy-mm-dd
transaction.settlement_amountnumberMandatoryThe settlement amount after deducted with fee

The funds will be settled to the defined bank account H+1


When will I receive my funds after I hit the release API?#

You will receive your funds H+1 after you hit the release API

What currency supported for the settlement?#

We support IDR, SGD, and USD settlement. Please make sure that your defined bank account is on respective currency.

Can I use this feature with split settlement or custom settlement report?#

Of course, you can!