Receiving your Funds

In general, Jokul provides two ways to receive your funds, aggregator model and direct model.

Aggregator model

Aggregator model

Aggregator model means that the fund will be settled to Jokul first and Jokul will settle it to you. You will receive the net amount after deducted from transaction fees.

Direct model

Direct model

Direct model means that the fund will directly settle from the bank to you. You will receive the full amount and you will receive Invoice from Jokul for the transaction fees.

Configure Settlement

Aggregator services are the only ones that have settlement configuration. Settlement configuration will be set up automatically when your services are verified. Default configurations are predefined depending on your services. You can change the schedule, bank account settlement receiver, notification type, email receiver, file settlement report type, and effective date for new configuration. Follow the steps given below:

Settlement configuration
  1. Login to Jokul Back Office
  2. Click Configuration > Settlement
  3. Choose the payment channel you want to configure, then click Action icon
Edit settlement configuration
  1. Enter your settlement schedule
  2. Choose your receiving bank account number from the drop down. By default we will settle your fund to your bank account number that registered on the business page.
  3. Enter your destination email address to receive the settlement report
  4. Choose your settlement report format from the drop down
  5. You can also set the effective date for new configuration to be applied to your account

Settlement History

To see your settlement history, follow the steps given below:

Settlement history
  1. Login to Jokul Back Office
  2. Click Finance > Settlement
  3. Settlement history screen is displayed. You also can see a detailed list of transactions by clicking on the action icon