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How to Use Payment Link


Before start generate new payment link, you must complete your onboarding process. Learn more about how to register to Jokul as a merchant here.

  1. Login to the Jokul Back Office
  2. Go to Tools > Payment Link, the interface will appear like in the picture below.
  3. Click Create Payment Link button
Payment Link List

  1. Then a form will appear to generate a payment link. The explanation on table below :
Create Payment Link

List of Payment Link Form
NameName of merchant customer’s
Allowed spesial chars: (dash) - , (underscore) _, (dot) .
EmailMerchant’s customer email, configured by merchant. Learn more
Select Expiration Datea. Should be greater than current time.
b. Suggest setting the expiration time maximum is 1 year from current state.
Timea. Should be greater than current time.
b. Suggest setting the expiration time maximum is 1 year from current state.
Item NameList of the item name of the merchant customer's invoice
PricePrice per item.
QuantityQuantity per item
Total AmountGrand total of price and quantity for each item.
  1. Then will appear a pop-up named confirm new link that contains all of the data that was already submitted by the merchant before the payment link is created. When a merchant is confirmed to generate a payment link click create link, otherwise, click back to edit.
Confirm New Link Pop Up

  1. Then, the link will be generated and appear on the top of the Payment Link List
Confirm New Link Pop Up

QR Code Transaction

  1. After merchants generate a payment link, in the Payment Link List table on Action column there is a QR Code icon. The functionality of this icon is to show the QR Code of the Payment Link that has already been generated.
Payment Link List - QR Code

  1. Then, try to click the icon and a QR Code that could be scanned by QR Code scanner like in the picture below.
QR Code from Link

  1. After that, merchants could scan the QR Code directly or download with the click download button in the bottom left corner. The picture will automatically download with the .png extension picture.

Detail Transaction

  1. When a merchant wants to understand details for each transaction for each payment link, the first step is to click the invoice number of the transaction that merchant wanted, the list showing the picture below.
Payment Link List - Invoice Number

  1. After clicking the invoice will appear a detail of the transaction like the picture below.
Payment Link Details

For the explanation of the Payment Link Details shown in the table below.

List of Payment Link Details
Link URLPayment Link that merchant is generated
Invoice NumberInvoice number that generated from Jokul System
Created DateTime when Payment Link is generated, using GMT + 7 Time Zone (Jakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh).
Total AmountAmount that merchant determine for their customer
CustomerList of Customer Data include
a. Customer Name
b. Customer Phone Number
c. Customer Email.
StatusMerchant’s payment status, explained by:
a. Unpaid : Merchant’s Customer still does not process the payment (under expiry time).
b. Expired : Merchant’s Customer does not process the payment (more than expiry time).
c. Paid : Merchant’s Customer is process the payment and already well-received based on the notification that we get from our system.
Those status is changed automatically by our system
Expires OnThe deadline of the payment link before expired (can’t be used by the merchant).
Generated Order FromWe provide two schemes:
a. JOKUL : Through Jokul Dashboard
b. WhatsApp: Through WhatsApp Link