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Jokul helps you to grow your business and let you focus on work that matters. Jokul provides one payment ecosystem for all, accepting payments, disbursing your funds, and whatever you think about payments - we always think beyond payments. Learn more about the technical details here.

Start accepting payments

Whether you are selling from your social media account, website, or mobile apps, Jokul will help you to start accepting payment easily with various options.

Built-in Payment Page (Jokul Checkout)

Easily embed our well-crafted yet customizable Jokul payment page for your website. With a single integration, you can start accepting payments on your web.

Customize Payment Page (Jokul Direct)

Want to provide your customers with customize payment experience. Integrate your web, app, PoS, or any internet-connected devices you can think of with our REST API.

Send Link, Get Paid (Payment Link)

Whether you are selling products on social media or a freelancer that want to send an invoice to clients, easily generate a link and send it to your customers to get paid. No coding required.

Simply Send a Message to Get Paid (WhatsApp Link)

Don't even bother to login to Jokul Back Office for creating a Jokul Link, simply generate a Jokul Link through your WhatsApp and send it to your customer. No coding required.

E-Commerce Platforms (Jokul Plugin)

Whether you are using Magento, WordPress (WooCommerce), PrestaShop, OpenCart, WHMCS, and more. Easily setup our plugin and you can start accepting payments. No coding required.

Save Integration Time (Jokul Code Library)

Focus on work that matters. Save your time by implementing our code library to your project. Our code library available in Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, and more to come.

Native Mobile Apps (Jokul SDK)

Easily embed well-crafted yet customizable SDK for your native Android or iOS application. With a single integration, you can start accepting payments on your app.

Custom Settlement (Jokul Fin)

Customize a single payment to settle for multiple parties easily. Suited for marketplace or any kind of businesses that requires settling money to sellers or customers and beyond.

Experience our products

Still unsure about how Jokul can help you grow your business? You can experience our products by registering to our Sandbox Environment. It's free and you can try to integrate your business here.

Learn more about our Sandbox Environment here.

Ready to integrate?

To start integrating with Jokul, you need to register. Get started with three easy steps:

  1. Register for account
  2. Input your business details and documents
  3. Wait for verification process and you are ready!

Learn more about registering your business here.